Is Your Religion Measurable or Messy?

Here’s a story: Two people go into a place to pray. One clears her throat, looks upward and prays in a loud voice, “Thank you, Holy One, that I am me and not these other people. I tithe my income regularly and fast not just once a week, as I am directed, but twice aContinue reading “Is Your Religion Measurable or Messy?”

Questioning the prayer

Questioning the prayerBy Nathan Day Wilson How many times have you said The Lord’s Prayer? A few hundred times? Many thousands? Never at all? The prayer is a work of beauty, especially Matthew’s version with its pleasant cadences and well balanced couplets. Try reading this aloud so you can feel the pulse: “Our father inContinue reading “Questioning the prayer”

Prayers for times of recesssion

Earlier this week the Church of England published two new prayers: one to comfort those who lost their jobs in the financial crisis; and one for those who have seen colleagues laid off and are troubled by feelings of stress and even guilt about still being employed. The one for laid off workers, called “TheContinue reading “Prayers for times of recesssion”