Questioning the prayer

Questioning the prayerBy Nathan Day Wilson How many times have you said The Lord’s Prayer? A few hundred times? Many thousands? Never at all? The prayer is a work of beauty, especially Matthew’s version with its pleasant cadences and well balanced couplets. Try reading this aloud so you can feel the pulse: “Our father inContinue reading “Questioning the prayer”

Light of truth in healthcare

The Shelbyville News Light of truth in healthcareBy Nathan Day Wilson First of all, thank you for the many emailed, telephoned and in person compliments on last week’s column. And, thank you for the complaint: a good reminder of the difficulty of writing hyperbole. I appreciate them all. It was a fun column to write.Continue reading “Light of truth in healthcare”

The Place to Be!

If you’re around Shelbyville, Indiana, this Sunday, the place to be is First Christian Church at 118 West Washington Street. Why, you ask? First Christian is the place to be to hear about exciting, life changing experiences in Swaziland, Africa this past summer! You can worship and learn at 9:00 AM and at 11:00 AM.Continue reading “The Place to Be!”