Nathan Day Wilson

served as a pastor of large and small congregations, at the World Council of Churches, at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, at Sojourners Magazine, and at a theological school.

His dissertation, “Waging Peace Amidst Raging Conflict: Evaluating the Impact of Religious Institutions,” was noted by the British International Studies Association Working Group on International Relations, Security and Religion. He holds distinction as being the youngest executive director of a state council of churches in US history. In addition to his teaching and preaching, he writes a newspaper column that reaches 200,000 subscribers and is finishing his first two novels.

His degrees include a Master of Divinity from Lexington Theological Seminary in the United States, an MA in International Relations from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and a BA in Psychology from Asbury University.

Wilson’s spouse, Janice, founded an international NGO in Swaziland that feeds over 600 kids, works on food sustainability, job creation, early childhood education and women’s empowerment. The couple has two children.

Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook: @nathandaywilson

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