No more waiting: Rejoice, for a child is born

Today is Christmas Eve. The church I serve will celebrate tonight at 7 and 11 p.m., with the first celebration featuring songs led by children and the second celebration culminating in the beautiful lighting of candles at midnight. For Christians, Christmas Eve represents the end of Advent, a season of longing for the birth ofContinue reading “No more waiting: Rejoice, for a child is born”

Make a Difference

Today is the easiest time to make a differenceFAITH MATTERSBy Nathan Day WilsonColumnist Recently my daughter reminded me of a phrase I used in a sermon a few years ago:”Four things you cannot recover in life: the stone after it is thrown; the word after it is said; the occasion after it is missed; theContinue reading “Make a Difference”

Custom made or cookie cutter religion

My wife Janice likes to bake, which is good since I like to eat what she bakes! It’s one place where our universe aligns and everything works out peachy. Cookies are her specialty. Her cookies may be tried and true, such as chocolate chip or my favorite monster cookie, or they may be new andContinue reading “Custom made or cookie cutter religion”

Words That Create Community

This is from Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey and is titled “Words That Create Community.” The word is always a word for others. Words need to be heard. When we give words to what we are living, these words need to be received and responded to. A speaker needs a listener. A writer needsContinue reading “Words That Create Community”