Blackwater security firm changing

The notoriously controversial private security firm Blackwater is changing its name, its products and its chief. The new name is Xe; the new products are drastically scaled down; the new CEO is unnamed at this time. I wonder if there will also be a new level of responsible reporting and accountability. To read more: reading “Blackwater security firm changing”

Be convicted but not close-minded!

What do I mean? Well, thanks for asking; here’s what I mean: We are convicted that love really is better than hate; that violence really does not work, and always leads to more violence; that it is better to focus on giving instead of getting. We are convicted that diversity may be the hardest thingContinue reading “Be convicted but not close-minded!”

Crisis is a terrible thing to waste

Yea, another bandwagon I’m on: using the phrase, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” Who said it, or something similar, first? Maybe economist Paul Romer. A quick look shows the selection of those using the phrase, or something close includes Thomas Friedman (New York Times, 18 April 2004)Eliot Spitzer (January 2005)Arthur Affleck (FebruaryContinue reading “Crisis is a terrible thing to waste”