Musicals as communication

I don’t know enough, but since you don’t know that I don’t, I’ll act like I do.

I’ve listened to musicals throughout my life, but feeling their power and assessing their quality are new to me. While affinity is finally decided by the temperamental viewer, there are some standards.

Quality musicals begin with powerful voices. If the voices are weak, it’s likely the musical is weak. Consistently misuse a voice and it may develop nodules, which can ruin a voice and a musical.

Quality musicals tell interesting stories without taking too long. Take too long and the audience may fall asleep. The more interesting the story, the longer can be the musical – if necessary.

Quality musicals are packed with striking costumes and stunning sets. The details of both energize the audience, enhance the production and enliven the story.

Quality musicals finish strong, unlike this essay.

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