We Are Family

Below is my most recent newsletter column for the congregation I serve.

I’m no authority on movies, but a new one worth seeing is “Elizabethtown.” So named for Elizabethtown, KY, this movie is about a man named Drew. Drew spent virtually all his time, energy and efforts the last few years designing a shoe so bad his company will lose nearly a billion dollars. He poured himself into this company only to be rejected once the shoe design flopped. About when Drew was on the edge of doom, he learned his father died, and he suddenly needed to go to Elizabethtown to make arrangements to bring his father’s remains back to Oregon.

Over time, Drew realized why he is so lonely and lost. He realized, for instance, that his drive for materialism and a big name at the company led him nowhere.
Drew also realized that he cut himself off from his family. To his surprise, though, his new extended family and new found friends won’t let him stay lost. They adopt Drew trying to point him in a direction that leads to life. It doesn’t matter that he is from California (he’s actually from Oregon, but the joke is that for them it’s all California). What they know is that here is one who needs help.

The children and youth selected “We are Family” as their theme for Youth Sunday, November 6, because that is the essence of what we are at Clintonville Christian: a family who knows that we all need help and direction.

Our children and youth may show us lessons we have forgotten. I hope you will be here November 6 for Youth Sunday.

See you at the family place — Nathan

Nathan D Wilson

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