Zimbabwe’s Political Talks

Senior negotiators from Zimbabwe’s main opposition and ruling political parties began talks at an undisclosed venue close to Pretoria, South Africa, on Thursday about forming a unity government. Not surprisingly, the two sides differ on who should lead the government and how long it should stay in power. South African financial daily Business Day reportedContinue reading “Zimbabwe’s Political Talks”

Gazprom Russia

Do you know the name Gazprom? If not, you may be in years ahead. It’s the name of Russia’s natural gas monopoly. The Russian government seems increasingly clear about using Gazprom as its primary foreign relations carrot and stick. Will Russian President Dmitry Medvedev attempt to galvanize other gas producing nations into some anti-western lobbyingContinue reading “Gazprom Russia”

Below is a press release from the Geneva-based Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, an organization I respect.Leading Conflict Mediators Convene in Oslo, June 2008Conflict ‘hot spots’, such as Darfur and Chad, Iran and Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Lebanon, Kenya, Congo and Cyprus, sit high on the global agenda of mediators.Many of the peace-makers in these conflictsContinue reading