Education is about value choices

In his new new piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education (“The Liberal Arts in School and College,” March 10, 2006, B46) Stanley Katz argues for greater attention to multidisciplinary courses that challenge students to “understand that the essence of education is the courage and ability to make value judgments.” This integrative approach is consistentContinue reading “Education is about value choices”

Clearing Space for God

Clearing Space for GodThe Reverend Nathan Day Wilson The Season of Lent is nearly upon us. Lent runs forty weekdays beginning Ash Wednesday and concluding Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. The observance of Lent began in the fourth century as a time of preparation for those who were to be baptized. This ideaContinue reading “Clearing Space for God”

Professors on Student Spirituality

Over 40,000 faculty members from more than 420 colleges responded to a survey from the Higher Education Reserach Institute about their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors regarding student spirituality. More than half of the faculty members indicated that it is important to enhance undergraduates’ self-understanding and to develop their moral character and values, but only 30Continue reading “Professors on Student Spirituality”

Willing to engage in ministry and service

My latest column for the Clintonville Christian Church newsletter, dated January 23, 2006. Are You Willing?The Reverend Nathan Day Wilson Are you willing to stoop down and consider the needs and desires of children? Are you willing to remember the weakness and loneliness of people growing old? Are you willing to stop asking how muchContinue reading “Willing to engage in ministry and service”

Clintonville Christian newsletter

New Year to Serve and GrowReverend Nathan D. Wilson Welcome to the first newsletter of 2006! Welcome to a new year of worship and learning, ministry and mission, service and stewardship, fellowship and fun. I will frequently preach from the Gospel of Mark this year. Only sixteen chapters long, you could read the whole thingContinue reading “Clintonville Christian newsletter”

Are today’s college students less academically engaged?

Emory English professor, Mark Bauerlein, has an excellent article in the upcoming issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education in which he describes two simultaneous trends among today’s college students: the growing fascination with all things technological and the shrinking engagement with anything classically academic. Writes Bauerlein, “The trends are not unrelated. The more youngContinue reading “Are today’s college students less academically engaged?”

College by Nathan D Wilson

College Life: Learning to Think and to Love When that happens … college ministry will be a place where we have the courage and freedom to ask the biggest questions and imagine the existence of those beyond our own tribe (so that we) complement cogito ergo sum with amo ergo sum, challenging us to loveContinue reading “College by Nathan D Wilson”

college ministry

Cutting Edge Issues for Religious Leaders:Why University Ministry is Important By The Reverend Nathan D. Wilson [TRANSCRIPT PRODUCED FROM TAPE RECORDINGS] Thank you for inviting me to join this dialogue about cutting edge issues for religious leaders. First, a brief housekeeping matter. To have honest interfaith dialogue, each participant needs to identify the faith orContinue reading “college ministry”

Martin Luther King on Peace

I’ve been reading a lot about and from Martin Luther King, Jr., these days. Below is a reflection I wrote after reading his sermon titled, “Chrismas Sermon on Peace.” — Nathan I, like many people, love King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. I enjoy reading the transcription of it; I enjoy hearing its original delivery;Continue reading “Martin Luther King on Peace”