Lessons from Hanukkah

I’m spiritually indebted to Jewish traditions, such as Hanukkah. This year, Hanukkah begins at sunset next Sunday, Dec. 22, and runs until Dec. 30. The word “Hanukkah” comes from the Hebrew verb meaning “to dedicate” and generally is translated as an eight-day festival of lights. Specifically, it refers to the dedication of the Temple inContinue reading “Lessons from Hanukkah”

It’s time to find room at the inn for everyone

William Sloane Coffin said the best sermon he never preached was at a Christmas Eve service when he pastored New York City’s Riverside Church. The poinsettias were beautiful. The people were joyful. The place was packed. It was time in the Christmas pageant for the innkeeper to deny Mary and Joseph with the resounding line,Continue reading “It’s time to find room at the inn for everyone”

Dealing with what we don’t want to see

How do we deal with what we do not want to see? Garfield is one of those comic strips that sometimes evokes more than a polite smile. In the first panel of one such strip, Garfield is sitting at the table with a feast in front of him: Turkey, dressing, biscuits, vegetables, pies and more.Continue reading “Dealing with what we don’t want to see”

God’s will be done. How are you helping?

Imagine the following scene. In a hurry, as usual, familiar words rush from your mouth: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on Earth as it is heaven.” Suddenly, abruptly, almost curtly, a voice responds: “Are you sure?” Shocked, you reply, “Sure of what?” The voice continues: “Sure that you want my will to beContinue reading “God’s will be done. How are you helping?”

We won’t fix climate crisis until we treasure the globe

We won’t fix climate crisis until we treasure the globe Nathan Day Wilson “The heavens are telling the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims God’s handiwork.” (Psalm 19) I was pleased and disheartened, when I was reminded of that verse this week. I was pleased for the reminder that, according to the Bible, nature andContinue reading “We won’t fix climate crisis until we treasure the globe”

God’s unbounded and unboundable love — text only, no images, easier to read

I don’t know who, but someone quipped, “I used to be an incurable optimist, but now I’m cured.” More and more, I resemble that remark; do you? But a loss of optimism does not have to mean a loss of hope. Optimism, after all, is rooted in me and my abilities; it’s the expectation ofContinue reading “God’s unbounded and unboundable love — text only, no images, easier to read”

Make Love Your Aim — text, no images

‘Make love your aim’: Paul’s words matter Nathan Day WilsonI can remember the exact place and time when I realized that “cogito, ergo sum” — that is, “I think, therefore I am” — was less important than “amo, ergo sum” — that is, “I love, therefore I am.” I was a student at the EcumenicalContinue reading “Make Love Your Aim — text, no images”